If every woman checked her breasts regularly we could save 1,500 lives a year.

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women across both developed and non-developed nations. According to studies, if every woman checked her breasts regularly we could save 1,500 lives a year.

Our main motive is to spread the awareness and hope among the women in worldwide and contribute our hand for the fight against the breast cancer. We are dedicated to providing the most reliable and up to date information about breast cancer with e-newsletters, blog posts and community event updates. We strongly believe that together we are much stronger than breast cancer, so we would love to invite you to join hands and help us to reach more women now.  Let save our beloved ones from breast cancer.

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Here are the latest happenings on breast cancer around the world.


Could EVA bra detect breast cancer in early stage?

Julian Rio Cantu an 18-year-old tudent from Mexico ha invented a bra (EVA) to detect the ign of brea t cancer The Eva bra, made by him and...


Most common Myths and Facts about the Breast cancer

Few Myth and Fact about Brea t Cancer: Myth Mo t brea t cancer run in familie Fact Re earcher revealed that hardly 5% to...


Do you know why it is “PINK”?

We all know that Pink ribbon i the official ymbol of brea t cancer awarene , but do you ever think why it i Pink, not any other color If no, let...

Action Pink

It's not about just causes or treatments, it's about lives. Lives of our mothers, sisters, friends and of course our own.

Early detection leads to better and longer life.

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Be aware but don't be calm, Get informed and spread the word to the nation, to the world but before all spread it to your home and to your next door first.

Disclaimer :  All the information provided here is just to create awareness and is not a medical advice or any replacement to consult the appropriate medical professionals.

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